Digital Marketing for Pediatric Dentists

Digital marketing for pediatric dentists can be a lot of fun - but it's definitely not child's play.

It takes data-driven strategy, technical know-how, and a nuanced understanding of the speciality. If you’re looking to connect with parents and guardians seeking dental services for their children, look no further than the pediatric dental marketers at DentalScapes.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry projects that pediatric dentists in the U.S. will increase by over 60% in the next decade. In an increasingly competitive market, pediatric dental practices can’t afford to sit still online. 

At DentalScapes, we specialize in marketing for pediatric dentists designed to forge meaningful relationships with decision-making parents and guardians and drive new patient acquisition. From local SEO to PPC, social media to review and reputation management, our experienced pediatric dental marketers are ready to help your practice grow — faster than the little ones you serve.

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What Types of Pediatric Dental Practices Do We Serve?

DentalScapes is proud to support small to mid-size pediatric dental practices, and we only serve one practice / speciality in each geographic area. We love to help private, family-owned practices and DSOs that align with our values.

  • SEO For Pediatric Dentists

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is a game-changer for small to mid-size pediatric dental offices that want to compete with larger practices and DSOs. From on-site content development to technical optimization, local listings to link-building, we provide pediatric dentist SEO that Google can’t resist.

  • Advertising & PPC For Pediatric Dentists

    Hyper-targeted and customizable, pay-per-click (PPC) and other online advertising can transform your practice’s lead generation and patient volume practically overnight. We create and optimize PPC and online ad campaigns for pediatric dentists that deliver results and maximize ROI.

  • Social Media For Pediatric Dentists

    Potential patients want authenticity — and there’s no better channel for showing off your practice’s personality than social media. We create on-brand social content that amplifies reach, generates engagement, and drives new patient appointments.

  • Website Design For Pediatric Dentists

    Your practice website is the foundation of your online success. From mobile responsive design to conversion optimization, chat integration to intuitive navigation, we build dental websites laser-focused on new patient acquisition.

  • Content For Pediatric Dentists

    Generating leads and retaining patients require high-quality, SEO-optimized educational content that positions your practice as a trusted expert. From blog posts to email newsletters, lead magnets to ebooks, we develop content that makes patients smile.

  • Reviews & Reputation Management For Pediatric Dentists

    5-star reviews aren’t just important for attracting new patients — they are critical for getting your practice listed in the Google “Map Pack” and ranking at the top of page 1. Our automated system is designed to consistently generate 5-star reviews and safeguard your online reputation.