“Hiring Backwards” – A Revolutionary Model for Dental Staffing (feat. Dr. Mike Neal)

A More Effective Approach for Hiring Dental Staff

In Episode 17 of “The Dental Domination Podcast,” Dr. Mike Neal, founder of Build My Team, discusses the importance of hiring and retaining the right staff for dental practices. He shares his own experience of facing staffing problems and how it led him to create his staffing agency. Dr. Neal explains the hiring process used by Build My Team, which focuses on assessing candidates’ mindset, speed of learning, and natural strengths and talents. He emphasizes the importance of hiring based on these factors rather than solely relying on resumes and experience. Dr. Neal also highlights the impact of this hiring strategy on retention rates and the overall success of dental practices.


  • Hiring based on mindset, speed of learning, and natural strengths and talents leads to better retention rates and overall success in dental practices.
  • Traditional hiring based on resumes and experience often results in hiring candidates who are not the right fit for the job.
  • Build My Team uses an automated assessment process to identify candidates with the right mindset and abilities for each position.
  • Being decisive and proactive in the hiring process is crucial to attracting and retaining top talent.

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